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Car Rental Agreement

Renter details

Name:__________________________  Tel No:_________________________


Licence:________________  Passport ___________ Nationality _______





Vehicle Details

Car_____________ Reg__________________ Hire Rate ___________________ 


Deposit__________ Date out ___________ Time Out____________________ 


Date Back ____________________________ Time Back ___________________ 


Total Days _______ Total Paid __________Balance Due ________________ 


Condition of Car:



I have read and understood the terms and conditions on reverse and on


Signed _____________________ For CarHuaHin Signed _________________________ Renter













The vehicle owner hereby agrees to rent the vehicle to the “ renter” Renter being the person/s who sign this agreement.


Authorised drivers are restricted to anyone who has signed this agreement and provided valid driver license information to carhuahin prior to driving and is over the age of 25 years.


The vehicle is and includes tyres ( including spare),tools,keys,fitted accessories and documents.

Restrictions to use or operation by the renter or authorised drivers in the following situation:

  1. Use the vehicle outside Thailand
  2. Drive the Vehicle off regularly maintained and paved roadways to cause damage to the Vehicle.
  3. Use the vehicle to break any laws/regulations or for the transportation of illegal drugs or contraband.
  4. Improper loading of the Vehicle or transport  weight/height width exceeding the Vehicle's maximum capacity or to carry hazardous or explosive substances.
  5. Drive while intoxicated or under the influence of any substance that impairs driving ability.
  6. Allow more passengers to occupy the Vehicle than there are seat belts, or who does not require all occupants to comply with applicable seat belt and child restraint laws.
  7. Engage in any speed contest or any illegal or reckless misconduct, damaging the Vehicle or cause personal injury or property damage to others.
  8. Invalid or expired driving licence or licence not acceptable to Axa insurance or Thailand law or false information or documents.
  9. Fuel the Vehicle improperly (gasoline fuel in a diesel-powered vehicle or diesel fuel in a gasoline-powered vehicle)
  10. Lend for commercial or drive by an unauthorized driver without the permission from otherwise Renter must be responsible for all loss of and damage to the Vehicle and all related expenses.
  11. Obtain vehicle upon the basis of false or misleading information.
  12. To carry people or property for hire or reward or to push or tow anything.
  13. Fail to stop or report an accident to carhuahin/Axa and local police within 24 hours.
  14. Continued use of damaged or faulty vehicle were further damage may occur
  15. Leave the Vehicle and fails to remove the keys, close and lock all doors and close all windows and the trunk, or otherwise aids in vandalism or theft of the Vehicle.
  16. All vehicles are non smoking. Cleaning of air condition filters is charged 3000 Baht
  17. Any and all uninsured losses including fuel shortage or failure to comply with all conditions will result in deposit loss and charge to the renter.
  18. free mileage allowance is 2000 kms per month ( this can be accumulated for longer hire periods) excess is charged at 1.5 baht per km.
  19. It is the hirers responsibility to report when the car has completed 10000 kms so servicing can be arranged.(long term hirer only)

    Renter Responsibility

    The renter is responsible for the safe return of the rental vehicle in the same condition as it was rented, except for normal wear and tear.
    Renter must clean very dirty cars to enable inspection. If car is too dirty to be inspected a cleaning charge of 500 Baht applies and deposit held until car is cleaned and inspected for damage.