This Car insurance policy is just an example to show the amounts and cover. All our rental fleet have the same.
This policy is for commercial Car hire and not for private use only . Please be aware some who rent cars do not have this type of policy. This Policy gives the renter comfort knowing the maximum liability will not be more than 5000 Baht for damage or own fault accident.
This policy is with a reputable European company and is backed by international standards and includes a bail bond (in the case of police involvement) this is not always the case with local car rental companies. Car Hua Hin is managed by British Expats who make sure all Rental cars are checked before each hire and are regularly serviced and maintained.We take customer safety as a priority and even pay more for insurance cover as we want our customers to feel reasured that they and up to 5 passengers, the car and third parties are covered by a large international European owned company.
The policy also includes a 24 hour English and Thai speaking national hotline in the unlikely case of the vehicle breaking down anywhere in Thailand and not just limited to Hua Hin or Prachuapkhirikhan.